Chrysanth Mail Manager Purple Cow Edition

Chrysanth Mail Manager Purple Cow Edition 2.2

Fight back 'Spam-Morons'! Take action to stop all the spamsnow!You...

Fight back 'Spam-Morons'! Take action to stop all the spamsnow! You probably didn't realize this yet: Stopping all the spams/ junk emails isjust a matter of using a good anti-spam product and a couple of mouse clicks!

See the real result yourself: Take charge of your mailbox! View what's in it and clean up all the bad stuff. Automatically identify and delete the spams while they are still at the remote mail server.

See the difference when you no longer need to download spams! Get notified when your mailbox receives genuine mails or spams. Listen to what our happy customers have to say: " This utility is absolutely wonderful!

! It worked perfectly! ! Thank you again for your invaluable product! ! " M. Nathan, US " May I also take this opportunity to state that your product is brilliant.

I get up to 80-90 spams a day and your product now makes life far more bearable and I no longer have to consider changing my e-mail address, especially with all the pain that can cause.

Once again a big thank you! " D. Smith, UK " Thanks for your program! I love it! It's very effective at saving me time!

. By the way, my job is to develop programming for major security as well as user applications. And I really appreciate your work in the spam field!

And yes, I have purchased your Chrysanth Mail Manger for my use on my home computer. Keep up the good work! "J. A. Bagley, US " Thank you.

This is an excellent product & I recommend it to anyone I talk to. " K. McNeill, Canada " Hi, and thank you for your (fast) answer!

I am still using Chrysanth Mail Manager and I AM THE HAPPIEST USER ON EARTH with this program. " P. Lefloch, France And there are many more testimonials, which we can't possibly print out here ;) Buy now and join these happy customers who have already discovered the real fun of spam fighting.

Chrysanth Mail Manager Purple Cow Edition


Chrysanth Mail Manager Purple Cow Edition 2.2